The Difference Between Bare Heads and Light Shaping Tools



Profoto isn’t just dedicated to great technology, but helping artists raise the bar on their images. They’ve created an incredible archive of great videos, most of them making a point in 3-5 minutes. Jared Platt does another outstanding job in this short video with the help of two Profoto B2 heads and one Profoto B1.

I’ve written a lot about one of my pet peeves – new photographers who describe themselves as “natural light specialists’. We all love the softness of window light, but the majority of the time these photographers just haven’t taken the time to learn lighting.  Jared and Profoto are always focused on helping photographers understand lighting and nobody does it better! Each video is loaded with content and comparison images to help you understand the key technique being shared.

Check out the Profoto archives on YouTube and then follow their blog. Every day there’s new content being shared to help you improve your skill set and make 2016 one of your best years yet!


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