Happy New Year!



In approximately 14 hours from the time I’m writing this 2015 will be history and I’ll be asking Sheila, “Where did the time go?” 

It’s been a remarkable year filled with some terrific highs and some tough to handle lows. However, throughout 2015 your support, feedback and encouragement have never slowed down.

I’ve often referred to myself as the luckiest guy in the industry, which is all thanks to the people I’ve met and continue to learn from. This was a year of new friendships, growth and for me personally, a renewed passion for everything in imaging. 

Two years ago I quoted what Melody Beattie wrote for December 31: 

“Wait, and expect good things – for yourself and your loved ones. When you wonder what is coming tell yourself the best is coming, the very best life and love have to offer…See the best in your mind; envision what it will look like, what it will feel like…”

Here’s our New Year’s wish for each of you:

We’re wishing you all good things in 2016.  We want you to have a year filled with accomplishments from those little new steps to the ones that seem gigantic. It’s so important to stay focused on your role in this incredible industry. Remember that it’s filled with people willing to help you achieve your goals. Stay focused on your goal to be the best artist, photographer, friend and spouse you can be and never compromise on the quality of anything!

Happy New Year!


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