Peace, Love and Aloha – Kubota Style

Every year I love to highlight one of the best cards of the season and this year, Kevin, Clare, Kai and Nikko Kubota win the honor hands down. The portrait quality is stunning, but the message inside the card was just as good.
Do the things you love with the people you love!
Peace, Love and Aloha
Remember these are scanned images, so they’re losing a little quality in the process of me sharing. The card was printed with a satin metallic finish and hits on a family trait of the Kubota’s – they never compromise on the quality of anything they do! There was a short two paragraph summary inserted on a separate piece of paper with the card adding to their message for the holiday season. 

And as always, with Clare and Kevin, their add-on message added to the spirit of the holiday. The closing sentences said it all…

“We’ve played hard, worked hard, and have been thankful for all the incredible loved ones we have in our lives! There are some changes on our horizons for sure, but one thing we know is that we hope to see more of you, our dear friends and family, in the coming year!”


The cover image captures a passion of each member of the family.


The inside image: Holiday cards are about family and the two Kubota boys each have very defined passions of their own.


The back cover gives you one more taste of outstanding family portraiture.


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