A Family Portrait that Redefines “Skill Set”!

Last week Betty Huth posted this family portrait on her Facebook page. While it would be a challenge for any studio to do a 30 person plus four dog grouping, this one took place over ten sessions and five different photographers. The final image done by Betty Huth and Ed Booth is a testimonial not only to their skill set, which is outstanding, but also modern technology!

Interested in seeing more of their work? Check out Huth & Booth Photography here in Florida. In the meantime a big thanks to Betty for allowing me to share this as a guest post. For whatever reasons, this was a family that wasn’t going to be together over the holidays, but that didn’t stop Betty and Ed.

When Betty posted the image, she wrote the comment below.

​I can finally post the favorite image we did for the Christmas season this year. With out the help of 4 of our colleagues we would not have been able to create this “Drake Busath” style family portrait. Helene Cohen Glassman-DiVitale, Kevin Jiminez and Jerry Costanzo, and Beth Irvin from up in PA helped create this 10 session, 5 photographer, 3 state portrait. The portrait was given yesterday and there were tears from “Grandma and Grandpa”.

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