Tugging At People’s Heartstrings

Great photographs pull us into the image by way of our hearts. They don’t need to be technically perfect, as long as they capture some aspect of emotion. You can’t create great images that tug at people’s heartstrings if your own heart isn’t in your work. 

Think about it for just a second. You know the minute you click the shutter when an image is about to become one of your signature favorites. Here’s a prime example, which I’ve shared before from my good buddy in Indiana, Randy Baughn. “First Look with Dad” is one of those images that says just about everything a bride needs to know about her photographer’s skill set.


Image by Randy Baughn. All rights reserved.

We’re in between the holidays, and it’s going to be a relatively slow week for most of you. So, on this beautiful Saturday morning, I want to share two classic videos. 

The first is a 2013 Apple commercial that an old friend from Kodak, Bill Burbank recently sent me. Just watch it and enjoy the message.  The second one I run once a year and wish I could get every photographer in the world to watch. It was produced by an agency for Kodak and in all honesty, none of us even know the story behind it.

The quality of the YouTube post, isn’t very good, but not one person has ever cared. It’s six minutes long, and I’ve probably shared it more than it originally ran. I’ve never heard a better story about the importance of pictures. Both commercials are all about emotion, family and our passion for sharing, imaging and creativity.

As the new year approaches think about your galleries; the way you present yourself to your community and the message you want to be known for in 2016. Most of you don’t need to reinvent anything, just do a better job of reminding people why you became an artist in the first place.

​It’s time to let more people know what’s in your heart!


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