‘Tis the Season…Michael Corsentino in the Spotlight



by Skip Cohen

I’ve shared a lot of great content about lighting over the years and from some of the finest artists in imaging today. Over and over again the common denominators between all of them have been their passion, a never-ending quest for education, (their own), and the quality of light and the gear they choose.

I remember Michael Corsentino telling me once about how he used to be all natural light. Well, it wasn’t because he loved natural light, we all do. It was more because he didn’t understand studio lighting gear. Then one day he simply chose to tackle the challenge.  Every day for close to a year he did a new self-portrait every morning using Profoto lights.

Last month Profoto launched an amazing ad campaign featuring the headshots of some of the most talented artists in the world – all of them Profoto users. I thought it would be fun to feature one of those artists this morning. Meet my good buddy, Michael.

Michael is all about diversity. He’s an artist, an educator, a writer, a good friend to so many photographers and in a previous life, a gourmet chef. I pulled a few of my favorite images from his gallery to demonstrate the fact that he never slows down! Click on any image to view more images from his online gallery. 

Then, ’tis the season!  Get yourself to a Profoto dealer and check out what all the buzz is about. From the game-changing B1 and B2 Off-Camera Flash Systems to a never-ending combination of lighting accessories and the complete Profoto line, you’ll never be disappointed in their quality.


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