The True Definition of “Remote”


Image copyright Muse Muse


Intro by Skip Cohen

This could well be one of my most favorite videos from Profoto! While all of them are short and make the point, I’m not sure there’s anything that defines shooting in a remote location better than the next two minutes you’re going to spend with Muse Muse, a photographer who doesn’t know the meaning of a “typical wedding shoot”!

The caption on YouTube says,

Wedding photographer Muse Muse travels from Hong Kong to Iceland with a B1 Off-Camera Flash and a Magnum Reflector as his most trusted traveling companions. 

Seriously, look at this grab shot I pulled from the video. There isn’t a more accurate example of a remote location. I can’t think of a better way to make the point about Profoto’s Off-Camera Flash System and the B1 and B2.

Profoto has changed the way you shoot. They’ve taken away all the boundaries of power sources, extension cords and heavy equipment when it comes to lighting. They’ve given artists the ability to simply create with a quality of light that’s made their gear legendary.

​The only limitation you have in lighting at this point is your creative vision!


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