Happy Thanksgiving!



I’m wishing everybody a great holiday this morning because I have no intention of going near my computer tomorrow! For once, I’m going to take a shot at trying to practice what I preach and simply take a real day off.

Most important of all I want to thank all of you for your wonderful comments about my Dad, your thoughts and prayers for my family and your friendship. I’ve written numerous times in the past about the best thing about our industry having NOTHING to do with photography, but about the friendships that come out of everyone’s mutual love for the craft.

And just to kick off Thanksgiving with one of Dad’s favorites, it’s amazing what you can find on YouTube! Dad and I used to watch these and laugh until we cried. It didn’t matter how old we were; they still got us laughing. Without question, the Three Stooges are part of the wonderfully bizarre collection of memories I’ve got of life with Pop.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody – make it the best one yet!

Note: ​Image from Wikipedia.


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