Happy Birthday Pop!


Circa 1927


Circa 1928


Circa 1933

​No, it’s not Throwback Thursday, but going through an old album, these are classics! Today is my Dad’s 93rd birthday, and that’s him in the front of the first image. He’s in the sailor suit in the middle shot and the one on the left in the short pants with his brother.

Every Throwback Thursday I write about the importance of old photographs and educating your clients about the magic you bring to their lives in helping them capture memories. But, today’s post isn’t about that. It’s about me wishing my best buddy a terrific birthday. Besides, if you can’t go off track and wish your father a happy birthday in your own blog, then what good is having a blog? LOL


So Pop, Happy Birthday! No kid has ever been prouder of his father than I’ve been of you all these years. You’ve been there for me every step of the way. Besides these old photographs of you, there’s a closet full of old albums capturing every step of the way for our family. Between a few different cameras over the years, tons of 35mm slides and Mom keeping them organized, you never missed a beat.
You told me recently that you’ve lived the longest of anyone in your family history. Lucky for all of us – your kids, eight grandchildren, six great-grandchildren and two “grand-doggers” as you call them. Our lives are richer for your presence and everything you’ve done your best to teach us along the way.

Happy Birthday, Dad – Sure do love ya!


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