Got Sprout Studio?


Just click the banner to listen to a terrific podcast and a full description of Sprout Studio.

This might well be one of my most favorite Weekend Wisdoms, for two reasons. 

First, the idea for Weekend Wisdom came from Bryan Caporicci and his co-founder in Sprout, Rob Nowell. Even though we don’t see each other very often, they have become two of my very best friends.  So, being able to have the master himself on as a guest was a kick.

Second, and this is the biggest reason for loving this podcast – Bryan, Rob and their team are about to help you revolutionize your workflow. After months of beta testing, Sprout Studio will officially launch on November 4. This is amazing software all focused on helping photographers organize their business flow and get a big piece of their lives back.

Just listen to the podcast and you’ll get a much more in-depth understanding of what Sprout Studio is all about and why you need to check it out. 

The Sprout tagline says it all:

                         ”You got into photography to be a photographer. Spend more time doing what you love!”


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