Tina Jochum – Interview with a Great Facilitator


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I know it might sound a little sappy, but being part of Marathon’s Marketing Advantage Program is so much more than just about marketing. I don’t think there’s another program like this in the industry. MAP gives you an entire team for support. It’s not just you and your facilitator, but the entire creative team at Marathon.

In this podcast with Tina Jochum, one of Marathon’s facilitators, she discusses the process and how the facilitators along with the entire Marathon team help photographers build a stronger business plan and implement a consistent series of marketing events all year long.

Enjoy the podcast and then pick up the phone and give Marathon a call. At the very least find out how you can have your own marketing department and get your business to thrive, not just survive!

You don’t have time to do it all. Many of you also don’t have the creative expertise, in design work for example. And, you’re buried in trying to run your business and build your brand. Help is just a phone call away:  800-228-0629

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