Jared Platt and a Daily Double



At least once a week I wander into the Profoto USA archives on YouTube, and I’m always drawn to Jared Platt’s “What’s the difference?” series. It’s outstanding content and always in short, concise doses. It’s like having your own private lighting instructor. 

I especially liked the first video where he compares one B2 to three speedlights. He makes some great points along the way.

I also love the fact that Profoto walks the talk by not only developing terrific lighting gear but making sure they provide the support you need via online education, live workshops and sponsorship of a long list of conventions and resources. 

The two videos I picked for this week are loaded with great tips and as always Jared does an outstanding job conveying the message in both!  If you haven’t visited a Profoto dealer yet, you’re overdue! Just click the tab below to locate the dealer nearest you and check out the gear everybody is talking about – Profoto’s Off-Camera Flash Systems – the game-changers!


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