Self-Promotion: Ara Roselani Style


Between digital imaging and the Internet, everything has changed in the way photographers especially promote their work. As an artist today, you’ve got a level of reach that only a few years ago was exclusive to newspapers and magazines.  What I find sad is how few photographers take full advantage of all of the creative tools available.

Here’s a prime example from Ara Roselani. I won’t deny for a second that she’s become a good friend over the years, so I’m a little prejudice about her work. Yeah, I like it a whole lot, but let’s see what you think. 

She sent me her promotional video the other day with a wonderful line thanking me for my support and help in getting her exposed to a long list of great educators and artists over the years. It was all through SCU and Skip’s Summer School programs, which is where we first met. Since that first summer program many years ago I’ve watched her skill set grow and blossom. 

The image above is from one of her sessions shown on the video, along with the additional two images I wanted to share below. Ara can walk the talk and never compromises on the quality of her work or the effort she puts into each client relationship. She does her best to make each relationship an experience.

​If you’re not using video, a slide show or both to help capture and share your passion for the craft with your potential clients, you’re missing an incredible marketing opportunity. Technology has given you a chance to put a voice to your work and even better a way to share what’s in your heart. 




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