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I accept that I’ve been around a long time. In fact, I’m pretty proud of it. Ryan Schembri was just a teenager when he came to WPPI with his Dad for the first time. Over the years, we all watched him grow and become one of the finest, most accomplished artists in the industry.

Respected, admired and always setting a standard for quality images and presentation, Ryan and I co-hosted “Young Guns” a WPPI special program in 2008. WPPI produced a great little video to introduce the program, and the two screen shots I’m sharing here represent some of Ryan’s early WPPI winners. I know they’re close to eight years old at this point, but they’re two of my favorites from his earlier work.

But there’s a bigger point to be made in sharing these images. It’s about being consistent as an artist. Ryan never compromises on the quality of his images, his business or for that matter his relationships. 

In this interview with another industry favorite, Tamara Lackey, Ryan shares some terrific insight into his success in print competition. While this interview is almost a year old, there’s nothing outdated in Ryan’s thought process and ideas to help you be a stronger competitor if you choose to participate.

There’s a lot to pay attention to in this video, especially with the “bonus” clip of Ryan and Rocco Ancora shooting a wedding together. I can only imagine what the finished album must have looked like.

If you’d like to see more of Ryan’s work, check out the websites he shares in the interview. And, if you’re looking for great educational content in both short and long doses, check out Adorama TV’s archives on YouTube. They’ve done an outstanding job of creating content suitable for every level of photographer, from beginner to advanced!


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