Lighting Gems With Jared Platt and the B2 Game Changers



I love these little gems from the Profoto USA archives, because they give you so much information in such a short time. So, grab a cup of coffee and no matter how much of a veteran you might be in photography, check out these great tips from Jared Platt!

I decided to share three of these short videos together in a post. They’re each only a couple minutes long, but hit on very specific techniques and Jared does a terrific job sharing  some solid “how-to” content.


​In addition to Jared’s ability as an educator, he’s shooting with Profoto’s B2 Off-Camera Flash System, otherwise known as the “game changer”. The ease and portability of having quality light no matter where you’re shooting has been one of the most talked about topics in lighting since the system was introduced over a year ago!


Whether you’re shooting with on or off-camera flash; on location or in a studio or experimenting with hard or soft light, each video hits on a specific point to help you raise the bar on the quality of your images. Along with that quality also comes creativity and nobody does it better than Profoto.  


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