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 Charles and Jennifer Maring have shared some terrific posts here on the SCU site. Their “how-to” lighting videos for Profoto have been terrific examples featuring everything from a single light to multiples. Then came their work with the new B2 off-camera flash system. They’ve been featured on podcasts as a couple. Charles recently did a mini-podcast on shooting weddings with the GH4 combined with Profoto’s new off-camera flash system. They may well be one of the most diverse couples and artists in the industry, especially when it comes to “Together in Style” that touches on everything from recipes to decorating tips to photography.

Here’s my point and why I’m sharing this as a blog post. On their YouTube page with the video for “Our Reel Life” it says:

Charles and Jennifer Maring are always on the go. In this web series episode 2, “Remodeled”, the two are trying to balance work and life. Go behind the scenes while they remodel rooms in their home, photograph weddings and portrait sessions, and find a way to make time for their Together In Style lifestyle blog.

The issue is the challenge of balance, and we know the cameras aren’t always running when the tensions are at their peak! But we all share the same challenges. All of us wear multiple hats as business owners, spouses, parents, and friends, and that’s only the beginning. So often our plates are so full we lose sight of the most important goal in our lives, to simply be happy.

In all honesty, to me it’s not really about balance because balance in itself is virtually impossible to achieve. However, being able to prioritize is a talent well worth working towards. Building a strong network and learning to delegate when you need help is another important factor. 

If you’ve spent any time with Charles and Jennifer then you know they work hard to keep their priorities in line. They make it a point to find time for themselves as a couple, along with their business. 

A few weeks ago I shared a post about “Success” – For me, it’s not about the material things in life, but about waking up smiling every morning and looking forward to the next new challenge. By my definition, even if they weren’t one of the most respected couples in photography today, the Marings would still be a rousing success!

“The real secret of success is enthusiasm.”
Walter Chrysler


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