Building Your Business with Lisa Robinson

We’ve done some fun projects on the SCU site working together with Photodex. However, this new series isn’t just fun to share but loaded with great information to help you raise the bar on your business. Each episode has brought you new content thanks to some incredibly supportive artists.  
In this fourth episode, Lisa Robinson, who’s primary focus is wedding and boudoir photography, shares some valuable insight into how she’s built her business. It’s never been easy building a business, but today the world is even smaller. Every consumer can not only visit your site but hundreds of others. They have the ability to comparison shop, making it even more important for you to make yourself unique.

Lisa is based in the Washington D.C. area, one of the most competitive markets in professional photography today. She shot her first wedding eleven years ago, and she’s constantly focusing on ways to make herself stand out from the competition. 

Technology is constantly creating new tools to raise the bar on your technique, expand your reach and offer your clients new and creative products that help you build your brand and your business. Each artist featured in the Building Your Business spotlight posts/podcasts all share a few common denominators. They’re using Photodex software to build slide shows of still images and videos to create exciting products for their clients; their passion for imaging is nonstop, and they never stop learning. 
You can check out more of Lisa’s work on her website  and you’ll find her on Photofocus.  She also did a terrific blog post on the Photodex blog. Here’s the link.


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