Sunday Morning Reflections – The Wonderful Simplicity of Wine

“Wine to me is passion.
It’s family and friends.
It’s warmth of heart and generosity of spirit.”

Robert Mondavi

PictureLUMIX FZ1000 – ISO125 f2.8 1/500

After taking the last week off, today’s Sunday Morning Reflection is as much a “test drive” to get back into the swing of things as my effort to make a point.

Knowing we were going to be on vacation, I had done a little work in advance.  Each day I got up at the crack of dawn and by mid-morning had most of my normal work completed. I wanted to be able to spend the rest of the day with family and friends. It was an incredible week.

One bonus I never counted on was the impact of pure joy in spending time in the vineyards of Northeast Ohio with good friends. This is the cue for you California wine snobs to laugh. However, we found a couple of terrific vineyards. There’s little in life that beats a gorgeous day, a decent bottle of wine and a cheese plate at a vineyard with good friends. 

There’s nothing earth-shaking in my point this morning. This is just a reminder for something we all know, but so often fail to recognize. We’re all working hard, and most of us get so wrapped up in the day to day stress of business we forget what’s really important.

So, take the time to smell the roses or better yet, taste the wine. Take the time to appreciate everything you have and stop worrying about what you think you still need. Even better, for those of you who are relatively new to photography, don’t worry about how much you have yet to learn and appreciate how much you know right now.

Wishing everybody a wonderful Sunday and time for a glass of wine and an opportunity to remind your friends and family just how much they enrich your life.  Always go for the eleven-second hugs – the longer, the better. 


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