Today’s Grab-Shots Will Become Your Favorite “Throwbacks”

The image above is just under two years old. It was taken while doing a short hike not far from Michele Celentano’s home. That’s me, Michele, Sheila, Michele’s husband Paul and the pups. It’s hardly a “Throwback Thursday” image, but it’s sure going to help me make a point so many of you forget. 
I get that you’re professional photographers and your livelihood is based on having a camera in your hands. You’re involved in some aspect of shooting for clients every day of the week. The challenge is remembering to shoot for yourself. Not every image has to be perfectly posed, composed or exposed. You just need to capture those moments in your life that make memories.

For Sheila and me, Michele and Paul are pretty special friends. We don’t see them often enough, but that doesn’t change what a kick it is to look at this image and remember different aspects of the trip.

The image was captured with a LUMIX GH3 on a rock just in front of us and using the self-timer. It’s just a grab shot and while it won’t win any awards,, it’s framed and on the wall in our kitchen at home, with images of other priceless moments with friends.

It’s a simple point this morning – always have a camera with you, but far more important is remembering to use it! Capture those special moments in your life, because years from now every image will bring back another memory and remind you why being a photographer is the greatest job in the world!


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