A More Artistic Path with Bob Coates

One of the fun aspects of friends who are photographers/artists is watching their style change over the years. As technology changes, so does their skill set and along with it their images. My good buddy and Panasonic Luminary, Bob Coates, is a perfect example.

Having played French horn through junior high and high school the image below hits home on a whole series of different levels. As I’ve watched Bob’s work change over the years, the one thing that’s always stayed the same is his passion for imaging and his love for teaching. He does a terrific workshop and regularly speaks at conventions, local association meetings and camera clubs.

As a Luminary, Bob is part of an incredibly diverse group of artists. You’ll find more of Bob’s work along with the other members of the team with a click on the tab below and a visit to the Lumix Lounge.


Bob creates art out of items found in images. He has more choices for his work because he has a camera with him almost all the time and is regularly building his files, especially textures, for future images. 

There are a number of Lumix cameras that make it easy. The one most often in his hands these days is the Lumix FZ1000. 

“Man it’s got almost all the bases covered!”, said Bob. “Wide angle to Super Zoom with fast glass that weighs under 2.5 pounds makes this very handy”. 

Bob starts with one image and then isolates the subject within the photo. He then starts a process he dubs Photo-Synthesis. He’s adding multiple texture photos in Layers in Photoshop using Blend Modes, Layer Styles and Layer Masks, just to name a few. The result is a unique look to many of his fine art images.

As a Panasonic Luminary Bob has sponsorship support available, which allows him to travel around the country. He regularly speaks to photography groups to share up close and personal the detail on bringing art to your images, along with a wide variety of other topics. 

You can find details about the various programs available on his web site http://successful-photographer.com/photography-seminars 


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