Wishing Everybody a Terrific Labor Day


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Like most of you, I’m taking Labor Day off, but not without wishing everybody a terrific Monday holiday. 

Looking back at Labor Day as a kid, it was always a family day, usually grill-centric. Remember, I’m one of those old guys who grew up around an inexpensive charcoal grill with a rotating cooking surface that rusted out every other season. It wasn’t until I was at least a senior in high school my Dad got one of the first “hard-wired” gas grills and the flashback leads to one of my favorite stories. 

We had family over for the traditional Labor Day barbecue. Some time around November we had the first big snow and I remember Dad trying to figure out why there was no snow in a 10-12 foot circle around the grill. It was just a big circle of green grass. It turns out he hadn’t shut the thing off since Labor Day! Obviously the cost of gas back then was minimal – if you did that today you’d need to take out a second mortgage to pay the bill.

And on that note, wishing everybody a terrific Labor Day or just a great Monday, if you’re outside the US and it’s not a holiday for you.  It’s a great day for time with family and that last hurrah before the seasons really change. Thanks for being a part of SCU – See you tomorrow!


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