Spotlight Profile: Matt Meiers Heads to the Gym



We all have friends in the photography industry, but just because somebody is a buddy, doesn’t mean we always stay on top of what they’re working on.  

Meet my good pal, Matt Meiers. We met for the first time at ShutterFest 2014, and the friendship just took off. We rarely get much time together, but it’s still great to catch up at the various conventions, especially ShutterFest. The cool thing about Matt is his ability to keep in touch via the phone. 

Recently we had a conversation about things he’s doing that fall under the “special project” category. He’s shooting for his own pleasure and constantly changing things up. He’s started reaching out to gym owners in the area and is focusing on competitive athletes, and those who are working hard to stay fit.

What I didn’t know was just how good Matt’s work is. He told me about the project and we talked a little about marketing, etc. but I had never seen his work. I caught one of his images on the Facebook page for ShutterFest and immediately called him. The work is terrific and Matt is totally focused, no pun intended, on building his brand within the fitness and bodyscape category. 

From podcasts to guest posts, I’ve shared comments from Matthew Jordan Smith, Kevin Kubota and Don Komarechka, just to name a few. Each one has talked about the importance of special projects to keep your passion for imaging alive when the bread and butter business might be different from a topic you’re more passionate about.

Well, with Matt’s work it’s only a matter of time until this project turns into a permanent aspect of his business. If you’re at an upcoming convention, check to see if Matt’s going to be there and then make it a point to just catch up to him. He’s a kick to hang out with! Follow him on Facebook so you know where he’s headed next.


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