Michelle Turner – On the Road With Profoto’s B2 System

There’s a fun back-story to today’s Profoto Showcase post…

The photo industry is relatively small. Many of us have worked together in the past. We attend the same conventions and often the same “rubber chicken” retirement, testimonial and association dinners. Pick any two people who have been involved in professional photography for ten years or more and you’ll find a whole bunch of mutual friends, even though they may never have met before.

Yesterday morning at a photo event in New York I met Michelle Turner and later in the day found the video below in Profoto’s archives.  I called her and she was more than happy to take a few minutes to talk about Profoto.  She’s been shooting with the B2’s for almost a year. After hearing so many people call them the “game-changers” it was the perfect opportunity to talk about her experiences since they were introduced.

The three images featured here were a few of my favorites from Michelle’s portfolio. Click on any image to see more of her work. You won’t be disappointed. All images copyright Michelle Turner. All rights reserved. 

Profoto’s never-ending quest to create products to help you raise the bar on your image quality and creativity is changing the way so many artists shoot today. Check out the complete off-camera flash system with a click of your mouse below.

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