Diversity in Tamron’s 16-300mm Lens – How Would You Tell Your Story?

I love these promotional videos Tamron does, because they do such a great job making their point. Just trust me and spend two minutes and watch a collection of one outstanding image after another. The topic is Tamron’s 
16-300mm Di II VC PZD Macro lens, the only lens of it’s kind in the industry. 

They pull you in right at the start with the four images below, all shot with just one lens! On their product page for this amazing lens is the following statement:

Tamron sets a new standard with a revolutionary new 18.8X zoom lens for APS-C sized digital SLR cameras. This single lens covers 16mm to 300mm and provides macro focusing. It combines our latest advances in optical design – including the deployment of aspherical elements and newly developed glass – with multiple layers of coating to produce clear, sharp images while maintaining compact dimensions. Imagine the creative possibilities embodied in this latest breakthrough from the pioneer in high-power zooms!

Besides being an incredibly versatile lens and representing some of the finest optics in the world, there’s a second point to pay attention to. How would you tell your story?

I know it might seem a little farfetched to suggest your skill set could be aligned with a lens, but the theme of this video is versatility. In the same way one lens covered all these different applications from landscape to macro, many of you cover everything from weddings to seniors to families to newborns. And, when shooting a wedding you’re shooting macro/closeup work with ring and cake shots to low light receptions, family groupings, portraits as well as photojournalism to more traditional portraiture and posed images.

So, watch the video and pay attention to the story of some remarkable Tamron glass. Click the link to find out more about it. Then, think about how you might tell your story.


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