Throwback Thursday – A Classic Moment

This is one of the toughest ones to share, but it sure makes the point about Throwback images. 

The year is 2007. The year before Graphi Studio had an idea. Every year there would be four photographers chosen to document the WPPI event and put together an album of their images. What and who they photographed was left entirely up to them. The whole idea was to tell the story of the convention through their eyes. Essentially it was A Day in the Life of WPPI.

For the 2007 show the photographers chosen were Catherine Hall, Jim Garner, Calvin Hayes and Victor Sizemore. Graphi did the editing and put together two books, one for them and one for us. I just found one of the books recently, and it brought back so many memories along with a few tears.

The star in the image above is one of the industry’s very best friends, Bill Hurter, who just passed away last month. Clowning around with him is another great friend of all of ours as well as Bill’s, Cliff Mautner. It’s a classic moment back in the days when the show was still at Bally’s and the Paris hotels.
Throwback Thursday is all about memories – reliving them and sharing them. Don’t miss the opportunity today. Take a few minutes to look through your collection of old images. Let the memories just flow and then think about what every image you capture means to each client.

Nobody can create the magic you can as a professional photographer. Recognize the value of your work and appreciate the trust society puts in you.

(Note: My apologies for the poor quality of the scan. It was from an album with metallic pages, and it was the best I could do – but that doesn’t lessen the impact or the memory-making moment.)


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