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This is the fourth video I’ve wanted to share with you featuring Joe McNally talking about lighting. If you need help understanding lighting, nobody does it better or put things into a more concise package than Joe with each of these short videos.

This one is a little longer than the previous ones Profoto USA shared. Joe’s working with Profoto B1’s and over six minutes demonstrates a whole series of different techniques and challenges. Play it full screen and after just a minute or two you’re going to feel like you’re standing right next to him.

I’ve shared a few images from this video. Each one is stunning, but remember these are just screen grabs to give you a feel for what he’s demonstrating. 

The video is called “Control of Light.”  It might well be one of the most important techniques you need to understand as a photographer. Joe’s an outstanding instructor. If he’s speaking at any workshop or presentation near you, run to get a seat. 

One of Joe’s favorite subjects to photograph are athletes. To check out more of Joe’s work, click on the gallery below and then kick back and enjoy the images.  
Joe McNally needs to be on your radar. Check out all of his galleries, website, blog and teaching schedule with just a click of your mouse.

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