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Last April approximately two thousand photographers attended the second annual ShutterFest. Along with dozens of platform programs, ShutterFest is developing an amazing reputation for hands-on classes and shooting. With an effort no more difficult than taking out a library book, you can “rent a human”, borrow lights and shoot to your heart’s content.

ShutterFest isn’t just a conference it’s a community. After some nice  IM’s from photographers in the Facebook Wedding Photographers forum after I ran some of their favorites in a post, I decided to put out the same request on the ShutterFest Facebook page.

The images below were chosen by the artists themselves and represent at least one of their favorites from the April conference. 

Time flies when you’re having a good time, and the 2016 conference will be here before you know it. Click on the banner above to find out all about the 2016 conference. Then, once you register get yourself into the ShutterFest FB group. It’s a pretty amazing group of artists who all support each other.

By Stephanie Overstreet. Follow her on Facebook.
by Kristina Mccaleb. Follow her on Facebook.
by Jennifer Rutledge. Follow her on Facebook.
by Stephen B. Hoff. Follow him on Facebook.
by Matt Meiers. Follow him on Facebook.
by Jeff Poole. Follow him on Facebook.

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