Quality, a Mother’s Wishes and Sisters – Guest post by DeEtte Sallee

Intro by Skip Cohen

It should be pretty obvious by now that I’m a Sallee fan and that includes both DeEtte and JB. Our friendship goes back a lot of years, but that’s not the point of sharing this image and what DeEtte wrote below. 

First, there’s no danger of that old expression, “the shoemaker’s kids always need shoes” ever describing the Sallee’s personal family photography. They put the same effort into their own family portraits they do with every client.

Second, I love what DeEtte wrote and wanted to share it beyond her Facebook page. She’s as poignant in what she’s written as she is creative with her and JB’s images. There aren’t too many photographers who can express themselves as well with a pen as they can with a camera.

So, congrats to DeEtte and JB; a big thanks for sharing the image and the news, and an even bigger thanks for never compromising on anything you believe in.

by DeEtte Sallee

Some of you already know…WE ARE PREGNANT!!!  We found out yesterday that it will be Fabulous GIRL #3!!!

I was VERY sick for quite awhile so I knew it would be a girl deep down,  but to be honest I am still in shock! Coming from a family where I had two brothers, I never imagined myself to have ALL girls. I was never super girly…lol. So here are a few of my wishes as we raise these three beauties:


* They will NOT be mean girls
* They will be well rounded
* They will be athletic…they will know how to throw a ball, kick a ball, swing a bat and generally know how to hang with any boy wink emoticon
* They will value education
* They will know how to look “cute” but not rely on that

Ultimately, I hope they will LOVE each other and cherish the special relationship they will have as sisters! I never had a sister and always longed for that bond…So…Here’s to sisters!!!

{Wish us luck}


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