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Attendees at the MAP Geataway have opportunities to network; exchange ideas on resolving the challenges in running a successful business, and experience some terrific “how-to” programs from terrific instructors like Beverly and Tim Walden, Chuck Arlund and Ann Monteith.

Virtually every post I share, at least the ones I write directly, are about marketing. Just as many of you have your favorite subjects to photograph, I have my favorite marketing applications to talk about. Well, here’s one this morning that I’m betting most of you don’t know about, MAP.

The program was created by Marathon Press six years ago and this past week Sheila and I attended their MAP Getaway. MAP stands for Marketing Advantage Program, but it’s so much more than just marketing in the way most of us use the word. 

Essentially the program is an almost all inclusive coaching program to help you create buzz for your business. It starts with being assigned a personal facilitator who’s going to set you up with a monthly conference call to discuss each aspect of your business, but that’s only the basic minimum. Most of the MAP members I talked with speak with their facilitator 2-3 times a month.

I did a series of video interviews during the week with attendees, and many of them talked about how their facilitator keeps them focused. The facilitator calls them at the scheduled time each month or more often if necessary always following up on various tasks that need completion.

The best explanation of the program is the way so many members describe their relationship with Marathon’s team. One member told me, “My facilitator is part of my staff. I don’t have the time or discipline to stay on top of marketing and run my business. She keeps me on target.”

I don’t think there’s another program like this in professional photography. Being in the MAP program involves a monthly fee that then gives you access to all of Marathon’s creative team, plus substantial discounts on virtually all of Marathon’s printed products. From your personal facilitator to design and creative talent to helping you with everything from business cards to promotional offers, brochures, and mailings, everything under the umbrella of marketing is covered.

I know this post today sounds like an infomercial, but if you know my reputation, you also know I don’t write about anything I don’t believe in. I’ve talked with so many of you who are struggling to stay on point with efforts to build your business. The MAP program gives you the support you need, but even better, it expands your staff so that no matter how big or small your business might be, you have a marketing department and a plan.

You wouldn’t just jump into your car and drive across the country without a road map or GPS would you? Well, why you run your business without having a specific idea of where you wanted to go.

Check it out and call Marathon today, 800-228-0629. If nothing else, at least find out what you’re missing and how MAP can help you raise the bar on your efficiency, brand awareness, reach, and profitability.


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