Stunning Images and Moisture Resistance – all in 39 Seconds!



By Skip Cohen

I wanted to share this incredibly short video, only 39 seconds, because it’s got some of the strongest images I’ve seen in a demo piece like this.  Plus, it hits on a topic we rarely talk about, moisture resistance. Yet, we take our gear virtually everywhere. Tamron made the following statement about this lens:

“Who Wants More? With Tamron’s 16-300mm, you can shoot with confidence in inclement weather with its moisture-resistant construction. Tamron 16-300mm Di II VC PZD Macro-The Widest Range All-In-One Zoom Lens.” 

I’m also a big fan of Tamron’s Tech Team. It looks like Ken Hubbard on the beach demonstrating the 16-300 mm Di II VC PZD Macro lens. It’s pretty amazing how much solid information they packed into 39 seconds.

Tamron’s team is on the road all year long with their Tailgate Tour. Here’s your chance to check out great glass, new products and meet some of the most diverse artists in the industry. Check the schedule with a click on the link below and don’t miss an opportunity to raise the bar on your technique.


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