Portraiture and 4K Video

During Imaging USA last January, Panasonic had a series of special interviews going on live with “This Week In Photo” in their booth each day. There are twelve video interviews on YouTube  in the series with some of the most creative artists in our industry. Frederick Van Johnson does an outstanding job of putting Panasonic’s LUMIX line in the spotlight and at the same time creating terrific content.

In this interview with LUMIX Luminary, Suzette Allen, the topic is 4K video for portraits. Remember, shooting in 4K gives you an opportunity to pull a single frame image with outstanding quality, Kristen Jensen, in her post in May wrote: 

…”But, have I told you lately about the absolutely perfect 300 DPI JPEGs I can grab from my 4K video footage? Well, it’s true and it is a fact.  I no longer have to shoot stills along with shooting video for my clients, because I can catch a shot/print/JPEG file anywhere or time that I shoot 4K video.”


This screen shot from the interview doesn’t begin to do the image justice, but listen to the video and hear Suzette’s explanation of the background. This is a 36 inch print from a single frame of the 4K video of the two boys.


Suzette shares a lot of great information in this interview. You’ll also find more terrific content on her website and her YouTube channel.  Panasonic’s tag line is “Changing Photography” and that’s exactly the message Suzette and the other Luminaries are helping photographers appreciate.

I’m currently shooting with the FZ1000 and two of the features I love is the ability to shoot 4K and isolate a single frame as a jpeg easily. Now, put that together with the the ability to go back and forth from video to still images and it’s a win-win all the way around. Today’s technology has given artists the biggest selection of creative tools in the 180+ year history of photography.

Follow Suzette and the other Luminaries with a visit to the LUMIX Lounge. You’ll never be disappointed. 


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