Chan Kit in Hong Kong: A Different Angle for Lighting




I love Profoto’s approach in each of these short videos, especially when they introduce us to artists around the world. 

Chan Kit, in this video, is shooting in Hong Kong and demonstrates that the need for great lighting is universal, as is portability and efficiency. I love the way he and his team demonstrate what the B2 Off-Camera Flash System can really do. The screen grab I pulled on the right pretty much says it all.

Check out Chan Kit on the left, hanging from a railing along with an assistant positioning the B2 off the edge of the dock and out over the water. Profoto’s technology is giving artists some of the most creative tools and flexibility in the history of photography!

As Chan Kit mentions in the blog post and the behind the scenes story, 

“To me, the most beneficial thing about the B2 is precisely this,” says Kit. “It’s small and lightweight. It can be carried around and positioned pretty much anywhere you want. It’s easy. It is as simple as that.”

See more of Chan Kit’s work and check out where he’s shooting by following him on Facebook. He shares a lot of his work from assignments all over the world.


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