Tamara Lackey – Shooting Without an Assistant



Besides being a great buddy, Tamara Lackey is one of the most diverse artists in our industry. She’s a photographer, an educator, writer, business manager, mom, wife and friend. That’s a lot of hats to wear and while her specialty is photographing children and family, I’m not sure there’s anything she can’t shoot.

In this short episode from the Adorama TV archives, Tamara shares some solid tips on a family shoot working with a reflector simply on her own, with no assistant. It’s only a six minute video, but she packs a lot of great information into the topic.

She’s sharing tips on the pose; showing the effect of the reflector and like everything she does, there’s no compromise on quality. Also pay attention to the way she’s working with her client. She’s looking to capture a perfectly natural exchange between a mother and her kids.

The Adorama Learning Center archives are loaded with terrific content and it’s all at your finger tips! Check it out – you’ll never be disappointed.


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