My New Gallery in “My Photo Exhibits”

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If you haven’t checked out Tamron’s new “My Photo Exhibits” you’re missing one of the most fun experiences in a long time when it comes to sharing images. 

I’ve shared a couple of blog posts previously with information on the new Tamron contest, which brings together travel and My Photo Exhibits. However, until a couple days ago I hadn’t taken the time to finish my own gallery and kept waiting to add more images. I decided this morning to just get it open, so I could share the concept with you. What’s fun is that I can always go back and add more images, change the style of the gallery, the theme, virtually anything.

What a kick this is! I wanted to share some of my images and while I don’t make a living as a professional photographer, that doesn’t mean I don’t share the same passion or pride when I capture/create something I really like.

So, it all started with trying to think of a theme for my images and rather than be very specific in the types of images, I chose to just put everything under one umbrella – playing with Tamron’s new 14-150mm lens for my LUMIX GH3. Tamron has been making great glass for years, and this new lens, specifically for mirrorless cameras sets a standard every photographer will enjoy working with.

The next step is picking the style of the gallery.  From the ceiling, to the floor, the frames, walls and furniture, it’s a lot of fun looking at your images and seeing how they might look in a real gallery. I love the fact that with every image I can add a more in-depth explanation.

If you haven’t built your own gallery yet, have some fun. Remember the word “fun”? It’s one of those very special words that’s too often lost today in the pressure of business. I love the fact that Tamron is giving us all an opportunity to put a little fun back in our lives!

Check out My Photo Exhibits and also Tamron’s new contest!  Plus, don’t forget the Tailgate Tour is coming your way as some of the finest artists in the industry, also on Tamron’s Tech Team, make their way across the US to help you raise the bar on your own images.


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