Happy Anniversary to Daniel J Cox and His GH4

Last week Panasonic Luminary, Daniel J Cox, did an amazing post about his first year anniversary of shooting with the LUMIX GH4. His entire post is well worth your time reading, but I had some fun this morning with some of his highlights, as well as sharing a stunning slide show he shared below.

The LUMIX slogan is “Changing Photography” and without question they’re doing just that!




Check out Daniel’s entire post and other stories on Natural Exposures.com. He’s really done an outstanding job taking you through so many different features he’s enjoyed over the last year. You’ll also find some incredible stories in his archives, as he shares images from one adventure after another.

Daniel needs to be on your radar with his blog and to follow more of the Luminaries and their adventures around the world, just wander into the LUMIX Lounge!


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