Smiles vs Everything Else…It’s Your Choice


Nothing will put a smile on your face faster than a day at a water park with a grandchild! However, the aches and pains the following day sure pointed out our age difference! LOL

I was watching a couple of short videos this week from SPTV at WPPI and I noticed I’m no longer a kid. Hey, I look in the mirror every day, but never notice a few more gray hairs, a new wrinkle or an extra chin hiding just under the beard line. I even said to Sheila, “When did I get so old?”

Well, in trying to find something to write about on a typical Sunday morning, I found this quote from Elizabeth Taylor:

“You have to be at peace with yourself. I love to laugh. I think laughter can cure. 
You can see it in a person’s face. 
Around age forty, when your face has lost the glow of youth, 
what you are inside starts to form on the outside. 
Either the lines go up or they go down. If they go up, that’s a good sign.”
I honestly don’t feel older and Sheila tells me regularly that I have yet to honestly mature. I notice I creak for ten minutes when I get up in the morning, but my ability to stop taking life so seriously has definitely changed. Most days start out smiling and more and more, I’ve noticed it’s getting easier to practice what I preach. 

The truth is, we’re each only as old as we want to be.  Over the years I’ve met a few photographers who were coming up on 80, even though their licenses said 45! Old souls with even older issues!

It all comes down to the choices we make.  Every morning, just like today, the real “weather” is completely up to us! Just like me, you’ve got a choice to make – a day of smiles or a day when those lines Liz Taylor referred to are headed downward.

Make it a great day everybody. Hug somebody special…stay focused on things you love about your life and not things that raise the roof! And for those jackasses who don’t get it – give them a hug too. After all, they need it more!

Wishing everybody a wonderful Sunday!


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