An Incredible Opportunity…



by Skip Cohen

As aspiring and working photographers there are landmark opportunities that come along, giving you a chance to work with the very best artists in the industry. They don’t come along very often and participation is always limited to availability. Well, here’s a travel photography workshop coming up that needs to be on your radar.

Thanks to a cooperative effort between Travel Vision Journeys, Ciclismo Classico and Maine Media Workshops, Argentinian photographer, educator, naturalist and artist, Ossian Lindholm is going to be teaching in Rockport, Maine. It’s an amazing opportunity to raise the bar on your images and spend time with one of the very best in our industry.

The program is June 21-27. Here’s your chance to not only get to know Ossian, but spend time with people who share your passion. Even better is the way a workshop like this, in a focused environment, is dedicated to creativity and building your skill set. It’s virtually guaranteed to be an inspirational week and milestone experience.  

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Earlier in the year I had a chance to interview Ossian and Ciclismo Classico and Travel Vision Journeys’ founder, Lauren Hefferon joined us on the call. It’s a great little podcast and a chance for you to get know Ossian.

Images copyright Ossian Lindholm. All rights reserved.

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