Throwback Thursday – Dressing Your Kids!

I’m stepping away from industry throwbacks this week, having just run across this classic photograph. My best guess is that I’m about six years old and yes, you guessed it, a fashion statement even then – that’s me in the black and white stripes. Besides my sense of style or complete lack of it, I’m impressed that whoever took the shot printed it and gave us a copy. While I recognize a couple of kids, I have no idea who most of them are or why we were all in one location.

However, besides my usual point about having fun with throwback images, here’s a new one – dress your kids so they at least look cool. Seriously, my shorts are the longest ones there and they’re too big. My shoes look like new sneaks or white bucks and I’m not sure where the shirt came from. I’m one step away from a photograph of the bunny suit on the kid in Christmas Story!

So, today is a plea – years from now you don’t want your kids coming after you because you had no taste! You don’t want to get a call like the one I’m going to make to my Dad this morning and simply ask,

“What were you thinking?”

Happy Thursday everybody – make it a great one!


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