Rick Gerrity, High Impact Portraiture and the GH4

I love sharing images with you that you might not normally see, especially when they’ve got the impact of the image below. 

Rick Gerrity is part of Panasonic’s Luminary team and I’ve shared a lot of his images here in Luminary Corner. When Rick’s doing portrait work, he’s one of the few photographers I know who can tell an entire story with just one image.  He’s created what I call a Wow Print.   A Wow Print is an image so strong you could get the job by only showing the one print. 

I recognize so much is personal taste, but this one just grabs me – from the finishing touch in the way he presented it to the lighting and her looking straight down the lens barrel. He’s only used one studio light combined with window light.

The image below was taken with a LUMIX GH4 with the 12-35mm LUMIX lens. One studio light using a Westcott 7″ white umbrella was used on one side and natural window light on the other. 

Rick is teaching six workshops this year together with another Luminary, Rob Knight. Hanging out with these two for a workshop will definitely help you raise the bar on the quality of your work. Plus, they’re hitting some spectacular locations.

Nicely done buddy!


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