Horrible Weather + the new B2 System + Justin and Mary Marantz



Over the last week or two I’ve done a series of posts all about Profoto’s new B2 system, but there are two people who’s B2 video I haven’t shared yet, my good friends, Justin and Mary Marantz. Last year I shared their entire series, “Walk Through a Wedding” here on the SCU site and then we added, “Walking the Talk” with images from real weddings.

The B2 Off Camera Flash system is a game-changer for so many different applications.  Each of the eighteen photographers involved in the initial launch are sharing a different aspect of what they love the most about this new addition to the Profoto lineup.

In this short video Justin and Mary are working with a couple on an ugly winter evening and the weather couldn’t be more of a challenge. It’s cold, snowing, wet and they’ve got minimal time to get the job done before they lose the client altogether!

Besides the usual advantages of portability, ease of use and light quality, Justin made a great comment about TTL in the video…

“TTL really makes our life a lot easier in this situation as distances are changing, the couple is moving…it’s one less thing we have to think about.”

That means that he and Mary had more time to just relax and be artists. They’ve got time to create images from their minds’ eye and not be interrupted by thinking through technical issues.
Check out Justin and Mary’s new site for more great images along with their workshop schedule. I can promise you’ll never be disappointed in anything they bring to the “party.”


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