An Opportunity for Photographers to Give Back

                    September is recruitment month for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (NILMDTS).

Each week I’ve been sharing guest posts and videos, but this one is the best yet, as seven different photographers summarize their experiences being a NILMDTS photographer. What I love about it is the way each artist talks about their involvement.  In almost every case they address so many of the most common questions/fears, including the ability to control your emotions as you help a grief-stricken family in need.

If we had Emmys in this industry, this short video would be my leading nomination!

Here’s a chance for you to give back in a way that utilizes your entire skill set, not just as a photographer but as a member of your community and society.  Deborah Hendrix says it best…
“If you’ve been blessed, why not pay it forward?”
There two special free webinars coming up for those of you interested in learning more about how you can help. The first is tomorrow, September 18 and another on September 24. Just click the link below to register.



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