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You can dress a toad in lace, but the minute you let it go, it’ll still poop on your porch!
It’s a quote from a book Sheila is reading, The Prayer Box by Lisa Wingate, and referenced the risk of judging the character of people too quickly or not at all.
Well, I’m thinking of how that quote applies to our industry and it’s the perfect way to describe photographers who think their expertise is all based in their gear.

You know the profile – they buy all the very best, but never really learn how to use it. They take short cuts and don’t take the time to learn the craft. They don’t have much of a skill set.  They call themselves “professionals”, but in all honesty, the only thing they have that makes them a professional is a tax-id number.

Being a true professional photographer is about your skills in every aspect of the business. It’s about passion for capturing memories, customer service and the quest for the ultimate image. It’s about waking up every morning excited about the business you’re trying to build and never compromising on anything related to your creative spirit.

Technology over the last decade has made it easy for a lot of people to step into photography and think they can build a business. Fortunately, there are still so many passionate artists who realize, nothing trumps that moment when you know you got the shot!

Wishing everybody a terrific weekend! For me, mine is filled with family and friends and a whole lot of hugs with people I haven’t seen in years.


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