Every Photographer’s Dream – Publishing Their Own Book



This morning, working together with Sprouting Photographer, we’re launching a new concept in podcast education called Weekend Wisdom. In each episode we’re going to drill down on just one topic with an expert from our industry – no sidebar discussions, just a focus on one single helpful topic in marketing, business and special projects.

In this first episode the topic is self-publishing with Don Komarechka. Every photographer has a dream to some day publish their own book and today, because of technology, everybody has access to the right tools. But, as Don points out, there’s a lot that goes into the planning, editing, production and finally, delivery.

Don did an amazing job self-publishing his book, Sky Crystals – Unraveling the Mysteries of Snowflakes. Don couldn’t be more frank about the challenges he faced along the two year journey from concept to the shipment of the first book last December.
A big thanks to SproutingPhotographer.com for a concept in education to help you keep raising the bar on not only your business, but the reality of your dreams.  Just click on the banner below and you’ll have access to not only the podcast, but links to Don’s site, notes from this show itself and all of Sprouting Photographers’ outstanding content.


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