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The other day I wrote a post about pricing, one of the biggest challenges for new and seasoned photographers alike. No matter what your pricing strategy, you still have to close the sale. It’s a difficult process for so many artists.

What good is working so hard to create the greatest images of your career if you can’t close the sale?  “No Sale” is just about the worst news a photographer wants to hear when working to do just the opposite.

In the three videos below, Sal Cincotta, Lori Nordstrom and Taylor Cincotta all hit on various aspects of selling. In all honesty, it’s not rocket science, but so many photographers lack the confidence when it comes to making sure the consumer understands the value of what they’re purchasing.
“Price is what you pay…Value is what you get!
Warren Buffet
One of the biggest challenges for photographers, which I see over and over again, is the artist’s failure to establish value. There’s no such thing as just a picture, because if you’ve done your job, a picture is a frozen moment in time, a memory and great pictures really are worth a thousand words. Even a wedding album isn’t a book of images, but the first family heirloom of a brand new family!

Sal’s program is part of Creative Live’s educational series, while Lori Nordstrom’s and Taylor Cincotta’s are part of Shutter Magazine. Both Creative Live and Shutter Magazine need to be on your radar and under each video you’ve got access to both.


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