Consistency – One of the Keys to Success for Every Photographer



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“We don’t have a choice whether we DO social media,
the question is how well we DO it.”

Erik Qualman
I know I’ve written about this before, but in virtually every aspect of your business as an artist the key is consistency.

Let’s look at social media…There are thousands of you who have blogs today and even more of you on Facebook and Twitter. If it’s just a hobby you can stop reading now. However, if it’s part of your livelihood and meant to be one of your marketing tools, if you’re not consistent then you’re wasting your time!

You need to post at least twice a week and ideally 3-5 times is even better. Having a blog and only posting when there’s a full moon serves absolutely no purpose, except to get people wondering if you’re really in business. You’ve also got to Tweet several times a day for people to know who you are.

You won’t build brand recognition putting up a post here and there. Building traffic is about consistency and you’ve got to be out there all the time.  I’m always surprised at the number of blogs I read that just aren’t kept up to date and many of them by some of the best photographers in our industry.

Facebook is the same. You’ve got to be involved to build traffic. You’ve got to be making a contribution for people to remember you’re out there.

Post and tweet regularly or just step away from social media until you can put in a little dedicated time. It can be an incredible marketing tool for your business, but you’ll only get out of it what you put in.  Remember, even with consistency, quantity doesn’t trump quality – you’ve still got to stay focused on topics your target audience wants to hear about.

Consistency is such an important part of being a professional photographer. Just remember it extends to everything you do, including your quality, great customer service and in this case maintaining a presence.  Make it a point to “hit” the social media button in your day, first thing every morning. Try and develop a routine for both contributing to your own pages and reading other posts from people you enjoy. Pretty soon it’ll be second nature.


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