If Only There was a Spray Repellent for Trolls



Update: After writing this post two days ago an Internet buddy wrote to me, feeling that I was being too harsh by calling people with negative attitudes “trolls”.  So, out of fairness, let’s just think of this as my thoughts on people with bad attitudes – whether short term or permanent.

Just a little bit of a rant on this gorgeous Saturday. The difference from a full blown rant, is that I’m not really upset, just bored with the challenge. I’m taking one more shot at appealing to people who can’t control their”troll” gene, while wearing my Facebook forum administrator hat.

Most of you, if you’re following me and reading my posts, aren’t the problem, you know how to talk to people and behave. The challenge for all of us are the people who don’t read anything, but what they write themselves. They love to hear themselves talk and criticizing and even shattering somebody else’s vision/dream is how they get their daily thrill.  Sadly, many of them are very talented and have some amazing skill sets, but they haven’t figured out yet that the greatest skill in building a business is investing in relationships.

Sorry, it’s hard not to get off on a tangent…here’s my point…let’s start shutting them down when they step out of line. Let’s just walk away from the conversation until they learn…

  • Talk to people on line as if you were face to face having dinner with them and they were picking up the check!

  • Stay away from inflammatory comments when you don’t like something. You can still disagree with somebody and not turn it into a battle.

  • When somebody says something you hate, don’t assume it’s personal. Remember that the printed word is the hardest to communicate with – it lacks eye contact, emotion, inflection in your voice and people know nothing about you.

  • Remember that it takes a far greater skill set to be sensitive to other people than it does to just be sarcastic. Anybody can be sarcastic. It’s not a skill!

  • Remember that what you like and your clients like isn’t universal! Beauty is in the eyes of the checkbook holder…and it’s the client who matters most.

  • Last on the list – everybody had to start somewhere and as Michele Celentano once said to a group of aspiring professionals, ” Twenty years ago I was right where you are…wondering how long it was going to be before my pictures didn’t suck!”

I know with my readers, I’m pretty much preaching to the choir, but feel free to forward this post to anybody who’s behaved like a jackass lately.  Maybe together we can slow down enough aspiring trolls to make a difference!

Hey, it’s my blog and I can have any dream I want.

Thanks for being one of my readers…make it a great weekend and as always, hug somebody important to you.


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