A Not So Old Photography Classic

In another blog, far far way, I shared this video after stumbling across it on YouTube. While it’s been out there for at least two years, I’m betting most of you never saw it. I don’t know who to even give credit to – since there’s so little information given.

(Note: When I posted this earlier, I didn’t have the information about the talent behind “Fauxtographor”. Thanks to my buddy, Brian Malloy in Boston, he knew the artists.

Fauxtographer was produced in 2012, directed and shot by photographer and filmmaker, Richard Esposito of http://www.caprisio.com. It starred Robert Norman of http://norman-photography.com who is anything but a “fauxtographor.” The two of them are talented veterans of the field, check out their websites to see what they are up to next.

Pay close attention to all the little details. It’s those moments of unbridled sarcasm that hooked me right from the start.

Picture© Sergio Martínez – Fotolia.com

Oh, if it were only so easy. We could give all those “rockstars” who shoot weddings for $300, a couple of pills and *poof* they’d suddenly realize what they’re leaving on the table. They’d start attending workshops and stop shooting until they really understood photography. 

Next, we could take the equipment hounds who own everything but only know how to use one lens, not to mention one aperture. We’d give them one pill and they’d start to practice, using everything in their camera bag. Maybe they’d even try shooting wide open!

Then we could give a pill or two to “professionals” who own only one camera body and hit the panic button when something goes wrong. They might even double up on a lens or two and buy a second strobe! Who knows, they might even start attending local meetings with the professionals in the local PPA chapter or photography guild.

And what about the “I’ll-fix-it-later-in-Photoshop” crowd, who take lousy images and think being a filter junkie will clean them up? They’d take two pills, go to bed and wake up realizing you really can’t buff a turd! They might even start thinking about great images, right out of the can.

My list of pet peeves goes on and on, along with a new one. People who join photographic forums and continue to ask questions that could have been answered months ago, if they’d only read the manual that came with the camera.

There’s no doubt in my mind somebody out there probably is working on a pill like this.  What I want to see is one for small business owners that helps enhance goal setting, marketing and business planning.  One dose would give the business owner a renewed sense of customer service and the ability to listen better to their clients!

Hey, we all have our dreams!


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