You Don’t Need to Always be a Solo Act!

As we head into the weekend this is just a short post to get you thinking about an opportunity most of you overlook every day! This is about networking and using your network to find partners for various projects, contests and events.

I’ve written a lot about wedding photographers working together with florists, salons, bridal shops, travel agents, tux shops, caterers, etc. in targeting clients, but what about other photographers? Isn’t time you stopped acting like a leper when it comes to working with other photographers on various projects?

Your best programs/promotions will often be the result of a collaboration with other artists. Here’s your chance to be creative and enlist the help of another artist or two. For example, put together a summer photo contest with two other photographers.

Bruce Berg has written a lot about the Lane County Children’s Contest each winter. It brings together three competing studios and has been going on for over thirty years. Check out Bruce’s previous post and then work to develop your own summer program.

If nothing else, put together a postcard mailer with two other photographers and promote all three of your work. Here’s an opportunity to raise awareness on a platform of “When was the last time you had a new family portrait done?” The three of you could split the production costs, purchase a list of your target audience and share the expense of the mailing itself.  Direct mail continues to be strong if done right, but you don’t have to carry the burden of the expense by yourself. Two partners in a project like this means you’re paying 1/3 of what it would cost as a solo act.

Working together with other partners helps reduce your costs and increase your exposure and this is just one example. Plus, partners become ambassadors for each other. Lower cost, greater reach? What’s not to like?

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