How’s That Head Shot Working For You?

It’s just a short post and perfect for a Saturday morning…

I’m one of the administrators on two different Facebook forums with a total of almost 20,000 members between the two. I easily look at a thousand Facebook pages a week and I’m shocked over people calling themselves photographers, when they often have the worst, not to mention dumbest, head shots on planet earth! 

Facebook has become a valuable marketing tool for Internet reach, but so many of you put up bad head shots as you stake your claim to being a “professional photographer”.  Don’t you think it’s something most clients would notice? I’m not talking about portraits that lack quality, I’m talking about BAD images that aren’t even portraits! Some of you don’t even bother and use the Facebook silhouette, while others make an effort to find cartoon characters who symbolize some point you’re trying to make…sorry, haven’t found one yet that’s made sense.

So, this weekend how about updating your Facebook page? Get rid of the selfie you took with your phone and set up a shot that shows what you can do. Maybe, even put a camera in your hand to make the point. Once you get a decent head shot, then let’s get to work on whatever you decided to use for your Facebook header…I know that’s asking a lot, but I have this silly dream that some day every photographer will only show their best work.

Sorry for the rant if your Facebook page really looks good – it’s just one of those things nobody ever talks about!

Wishing everybody, regardless of how bad your head shot is, a terrific weekend!

P.S. Since posting this I’ve received a few comments – I didn’t mean to suggest all of you needed to look the same with your head shots. It’s great to be unique, but what I’m ranting about this morning are simply bad images of your pets, your kids, your house and oh yeah, you!

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