A Fund-Raiser You Can’t Afford to Pass Up – 50 for 50!



Over the last two years I’ve reviewed a few hundred websites and blogs, helping photographers make some serious, but often easy changes to establishing better content and in turn, better reach. Here’s a great way to get some additional help and a fresh look at your website or blog.

At 12:01 pm EST today the 2014 Giving Challenge launched here in Sarasota.  For the last two years I’ve been actively involved in working with the Friendship Centers, starting with their support group for Alzheimer’s caregivers that my Dad and I attended when dealing with my mother’s dementia.

The Giving Challenge is a 24 hour online version of an old telethon, but with a contemporary twist. I want to help them not just reach their goal, but blow it out of the water!

For every donation from a photographer for $50 or more, I’ll donate fifty minutes of my time on the phone (or Skype) to review your website and help you create a stronger presence. You can’t beat a dollar a minute and if you donate more, I’ll put in the time to match, up to ninety minutes, but you’ve got to donate today. The program is only for the next 24 hours.

Here’s your chance to help an amazing non-profit (your donation is tax deductible) and at the same time pick up some added expertise to help you build a stronger business model. The challenge we all have is being too close to our own business.  Having somebody objective look at your site or blog can change so much in how you approach your target audience.

All you have to do is click on the banner above and type in Senior Friendship Centers in the search box and then send me an email at skip@mei500.com after you’ve made your donation with a credit card and we’ll start scheduling reviews this week. And, if you’re outside the US, I’m on Skype and willing to schedule these at whatever time you need me to be available.

Thanks for all your support. While the Friendship Centers are obviously a local non-profit, the work they’re doing has an influence on senior centers all over the world.


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